Terrorist Jackal served YU communists

The paper then quotes former Yugoslav spy Bozidar Bozo Spasic who claims that the entire former Yugoslavia was an open field where the Jackal and various Palestinian terrorists mingled freely. He says that the YU secret service cut a deal with the Jackal that if arrested, these terrorists would not be extradited to the countries where they were sought but to places like Egypt, Algeria or Libya. In exchange, the Jackal promised no terror attacks on Yugoslavia.

Spasic says that the Yugoslav secret service engaged the Jackal during the Sarajevo Winter Olympiad in 1984 and asked him to tame down the Croatian Ustashe terrorist.

Spasic says that the YU spies got credible evidence that Croatian Ustashe from Karlsruhe and Nurnberg were planning attacks in Sarajevo and Carlos sent out his men to quash the threat.

Spasic says that after that “favor” the Jackal never came back to the former Yugoslavia.

Serbianna - 16.01.2010.

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