Serbian spy's trial lifts cloak on his CIA alliance

Bozidar Spasic, a former official in the Yugoslav State Security Service, said he suspected that Stanisic's alleged contacts with the CIA were much closer and more personal than his job required.

He suggested that a friendship between the Serbian official and his American contact could have been the reason why the US agency decided to send a letter of support to the Hague tribunal.

To support this theory, Spasic said that the practice of holding private liaisons in parks and boats, as detailed in the LA Times article, was unheard of. According to him, meetings between heads or members of two secret services were only supposed to take place in official buildings.

Spasic insinuated that Stanisic was actually working for the CIA, rather than just cooperating with it.

While the LA Times article states that Stanisic “never took payment from the CIA, worked with the agency on operations or took steps that he would have considered a blatant betrayal of his boss”, Spasic maintained that the accused’s supposed links with the US agency had not been typical.

The Agonist - 02.03.2009.

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