Who is Božidar Spasić?

Bozidar Spasic Boza, was born on January 6, 1949 in Cacku.Porodica he then moved to Belgrade so that he could high school and graduated from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade.

Upon graduation, he was employed by the Yugoslav Chamber of Commerce and then at the Institute for International Labor organization.In 1979 he was employed by the State Security of Yugoslavia where he worked for the government anti-terrorist division against Croatian Ustasha and Albanian Siptar gangs.

The National Strategy of the former Yugoslavia was to lead the fight against terrorism on the territory that the terrorists resided. In the 10 years our SDB performed hundreds of actions in order to prevent terrorist Siptar and Ustasha gangs from bringing their fight to our territory.

The period from 1979 to 1990 is considered to be the most successful period in intelligence, psychological and propaganda of our State Security since its inception. A completely new, specific and very effective methods have been a model for many other services of other countries. It is believed that during this period the Yugoslav secret police were at the top of the world's secret police in the fight against terrorism, next to Israel's secret police, the Mossad.

Bozidar Spasic has performed about 90 operational missions on all continents which included several thousand members of the Ustasha and Siptar terrorist gangs. He was decorated twice, and rewarded with honors.

In 1992 Boza Spasic suffered a heart attack. Although seriously ill in 1993 he organized a campaign against the then Defence Minister of Slovenia, Janez Jansa. Excemplary execution of the action, prevented the gang and then head of the State Security Service of Serbia, Jovica Stanisic. Spasic was arrested and held in custody for three days. After that he got fired from his post . Action against Janez Jansa gave excellent results and the villain was forced to resign.

In 1993 Boza Spasic opened a detective agency called SIA. Until 2000 it worked on the operational processing (covert surveillance, interception, recording, and record) in Serbia. In 1997 he published an open letter to then-Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic that Kosovo would be lost if the government failed to amend the country's politics.

In 1999, he took part in the show in Studio B, where he spoke directly about state terrorism of Milosevic's lackey and their possible partecipation in the attack on the Ibar highway. He was arrested on the orders of former Interior Minister Vlajko Stojiljkovic (later assinated ) and held in prison almost two weeks. At his first appearance before a judge of the Municipal Court III,defended by defense attorney Mrs. Branka Pejovic , the judge released Boza Spasic from custody. The state then suspended the Judicial procedings and paid a remuneration to Boza Spasic,hence avoiding possible torture.
Boza then dedicated himself to his agency work until 2007. when he retired.

Boza Spasic is considered to be a black sheep in the secret police for having dared to openly and fairly express himself in the press about the work of the secret police in the area. He gave more than 3000 interviews across not only all the national media but also to the world's most prestigious TV and newspaper companies also daily newspaper comments when no one dared to talk about the killings in Serbian streets. Publicly criticized the Minister of Internal Affairs of incompetence. In 1998 he was a political commentator, then a prominent weekly comentator. He has published several hundred pages of text that were very well received by readers throughout the former Yugoslavia.Writer for almost all daily and weekly newspapers. Lectured on terrorism in Kragujevac, Nis, Belgrade. Consulted on terrorism to the best known American and foreign analysts. Has also published two books. One such document which produced a collection of thousands of terrorist actions carried out by Ustasha and Shiptar gangs against the former Yugoslavia and its people. The second is an informer who translated it into many languages ​​of the world and a special edition in the Slovenian language. It is a memoir-diary of secret police operatives with a documented story.The book had a great impact and has received excellent reviews from the public.

Once it was considered a big taboo to talk in public like Boza Spasić.Because of his honesty and fairness he was attacked, criticized and belittled. Today, the former members of the Serbian SDB have failed to answer many questions on TV shows or talk about things that actually happened.

Bozidar Spasic was one of the best intelligence officers that Yugoslavia had.

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