Clumsy robber : Sometimes thieves are stupid to pain !

I remember a case when the robbers ran into the bank , and it was already the other team , and were robbed of money , said Bozidar Spasic

BELGRADE - Prete plastic gun !
Robbers in Kragujevac which is the day before failed bank robbery because the premature put masks , and ensuring banks have sufficient time to lock the door , a typical example of clumsy robber ! Maybe they have some experience in the robbery, but the fact that they are observing a bank and a video camera , but did not realize that they will be providing to see and react on time !

Inflated in robbery

This was announced yesterday by Kurir said Bozidar Spasic, a former senior official of the DB , and added that Serbia has a lot of clumsy robbers . - To the unprepared group or groups of drugged people come together and say, " Let's rob a bank and take a few thousand. " We think that the easy way to get money, and then the complete inexperience behind bars . Dashing to , for example , go to the robbery with a plastic gun because there is always a possibility that a security guard has the right weapons and use it - says Spasic.

Interlocutor Messenger adds to remember instances when the robbers lost their loot to their flat tire on the car during the escape , and it happened that after the robbery collision with another car !

Collision in front of the counter

- There have been several cases in which the robbers fell out funny because they were not prepared. Once they are in a hurry , instead of bags with a huge amount of money , they took a wrong with SICOM . Also , another group took the spoils , but the car would not start , so they had to flee on foot . However , the most interesting is the case when the robbers ran into the bank , and it was already another group of robbers ! Clashed and struggled around the booty - recalled Spasic , adding that it often happens that the thieves steal the cash register , and then realize that there is no way to open it !

Amazing robbery and they can claim the title of NAJTRAPAVIJIH criminals

Stuck in the mud

Tomislav L. ( 26 ) , and C. C. ( 15 ) from Senta were arrested in late September last year on suspicion of stealing a car. Unlucky duo from the parking lot in front of a catering facility took someone else's " flag " , but could not get very far because their car got stuck in the mud .

He was arrested as he unlocked bicycle

Student George K. ( 32 ) was arrested in June 2010. immediately after , threatening with weapons, robbed a bank in New Belgrade. Student 's bank took about 2.2 million, but he managed to escape because he had lost valuable time while trying to unlock the bike that was locked to protect it from thieves .

Fire in front of looted email

The two robbers were in December 2011. robbed mail Gundulic wreath in Belgrade and took about 650,000 dinars. However , as soon as they came out and sat in the " stojadin " , a police patrol arrived and arrested them . Otherwise , this duo is suspected of robbing more than 20 percent and the market .

Broke lift

One of the funniest cases occurred in September 2008th year when two fifties robbed an apartment at Lord Vucic in Belgrade . How would you run away before they entered the lift and then it all went wrong ! Lift collapsed into the basement and there stuck , as the police job easier .

He fell off the roof while fleeing from police

Ivan P. ( 41) Nis , which passers in early February of 2014. reported to the police because he went down the street with a mask on his head and a gun in his hands , running away from the chase , he fell from the roof of the house and ended up in the hospital . After signing the officers went in pursuit , and John jumped over the fence of the house and climbed up to the roof , where he fell into the bushes .

traffic jam

One of the worst escape plan had a four-member group that flew into the hands of the police in mid- November 2007 , after a bank robbery at the old fairgrounds . Four robbers took from the bank about three million and EUR 45,000 , and then fled " FORD" . However, Branko's bridge were stuck in traffic , so the policemen arrived and arrested him.

List Kurir - 17.02.2014.


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