Doom Andrija Draskovic

Revenge is only in the last decade has killed seven people in the vicinity of the controversial businessman and playboy big

Liquidation Raičevića Bosko (41), a relative of controversial businessman Andrija Draskovic who was blown up by a car bomb in the city center, carries the seal of the so-called Montenegrin, according to Press Bozidar Spasic, a former inspector of the DB and the owner of a detective agency.
Raicevic was killed on Friday around 12:30 pm in a car bomb on the street corner and Tadeusz Košćuška Emperor Dusan Dorcol. The force of the explosion was literally torn limb Raicevic and injured Aleksandar Simic (40), the driver of the van company "Zlatiborac" that happens to be found by him at the time of the explosion.

Andrija Drašković

Everything began to Arkan

It is interesting that even Raicevic seventh victim from the immediate environment Andrija Draskovic. It all started in July 2000. , just a few months after the murder of Arkan, when the front of the hotel "Yugoslavia" killed his godfather Todor Gardašević. assassination by members of the "Zemun clan" as revenge for the murder of Arkan, although there were rumors that I Gardašević with the crime had nothing to veze.Četiri years later, in October 2004. , was killed Dejan Živančević (25) from Bruce, Draskovic's bodyguard, who was killed on the highway Sid - Belgrade when the motorcade in which Draskovic was shot from a moving car.

The next victim was the godfather Draskovic, Milosevic Alexander (32), aka Aca skeleton, which was in June 2008. was shot dead outside his home in Cukarica. Then he was wounded and Elijah Kukunešoski (19), who accidentally found the place napada.Surove liquidation and continued the following year when, in April, 2009. , was found charred bodies Draskovic's godmother Goran Maric (38), owner of the restaurant "Seher", and Elijah Novovic (34). they have been found in a Jeep in a field in the area Dobanovci, were found to have previously killed shot in the head and was suspected that the murder was ordered Luka Bojovic. September the same year he was killed and Nemanja Savic (30), a member of the security of the controversial businessman, and the assailants gunned him in a dream, in a family house in the village of Topola Belosavci end.

Bozidar Spasic said that the killing continued Raičevića calculation Montenegrin mafia in Belgrade asphalt: - Montenegrin Mafia has moved court settlement in Belgrade because there is too narrow a space. In recent years, the Belgrade asphalt liquidated about 20 members of the Montenegrin mafia. Established the rule that all conflicts of Montenegrin mafia, which is the winter zakuvaju in Podgorica, Budva and Herceg Novi, solves every summer in Belgrade!

Protect the Montenegrins in Kosovo

As "Vijesti" Raicevic was known as a fierce young man and a great patron of Montenegrins in Kosovo. Raicevic is originally from Montenegro, was born in Pristina, where he was the owner of the disco, and after the war and the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1990. Lived in Budvi.Bavio, among other things, the restaurant business, and during the war there were rumors that he was involved in one of the military units were deployed throughout Kosovo. throughout the war 1999. during the NATO bombardment was in Pristina. Raicevic 2010. attempted to kill Alexander Djeric, after an argument about parking spaces. Raicevic was wounded with four bullets in the legs, groin and stomach.

Who is Andrija Draskovic?

From playboy to the killer

Andrija Draskovic, in a very short period of time went from Belgrade playboy businessman and the brutal murderer. In Italy it is called one of the kings of smuggling drugs and cigarettes. He was born in Kosovska Mitrovica, but because of his father's job early in the move to Italy. He returned to Belgrade just a teenager.
He always had money, and this was attributed to his father's affairs. His father was a representative of the "Jugometal" in Rome, and soon opened his own firm, which was hired and son., However, much more than a business, Andrew was interested in women. Been connected with Mimi Papandreou, wife of former Greek prime minister he was married to Elena Mijatovic, with whom he has a son, Matthew, and is now a common-law marriage with supermodel Tamara Niksic.
At one time he was the owner of the discotheque "Majestic" (1986.), The "Stars", followed by the popular "Havana Club." At the same time he developed a variety of jobs in Italy, Greece, America, Croatia ... The media and the police have linked him the trafficking of narcotics, but he strongly denied every time it has to do with drogom.Postojale strong suspicion that he worked for the state security of Serbia, it even had a badge, but it was never proven, and he has denied these claims. Yet , many witnesses have linked him with Rade Markovic, the former head of the State Security Ministry of the Interior of Serbia, while it is in some way talking and Zoran Mijatovic, a former senior official of the secret police.
Draskovic been linked with several murders, but other than a judgment for the murder of Zvonko Surčin Plecic Pleće (38), the other charges without evidence. It is suspected of organizing the liquidation of Arkan, 15 January 2000. year, and soon after found himself the target of an unknown assassin. On several occasions, he escaped death, but died because of his godparents, relatives and bodyguards.

List Press - 24.06.2012.


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alal vera po kratkom postupku bolje nego ova drzava cast izuzetcima ubija srbe i sve druge na ovom prostoru vec 30 godina

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Jedan od retkih prezivelih dugogodisnjih kraljeva ulice. Tezak je to zivot.

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sa ove strane horizonta tj LONDONA gospodin Draskovic JE zaista Master. Covek sa aristokratskim crtama a samo sto je na strani dilovanja kriminala ne ciniga nista losijim od nas obicnih smrtnika.Thanks

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