During the day keep the country at night because of the money bars and discos

For many years, is an open secret that a number of additional police officers earn as security bars, business facilities and even as personal bodyguards . The incident , which occurred just after midnight on Sunday in Novi Sad , where he was a bar , apparently accidentally killed a police officer who was working as a security guard at the local level , again aktelizovao the problem that has long been saying.

According to a former employee of the former State Security Bozidar Spasic , killing a police officer in Novi Sad , regardless of the motive and circumstances , is another indication of the poor state of the Serbian MUP.

- On the one hand, it is certain that many police officers in Serbia need an additional source of income to support their families , but after securing bars, night clubs and similar facilities , which are generally problematic , not a job for the police , for which there is a a variety of reasons - says Spasic.

As she added , in recent years a noticeable tendency toward police work to provide , often the most problematic places , not just in Novi Sad and Belgrade but also in smaller towns .

- Construction crews often present drugs, and of course, beating and shooting, and when all provide police , all we ask what this leads to . When you add a large number of police officers who are actively involved in various crimes , it is clear to us that the police are in a pretty awkward situation and that she needed major reform to the people regained confidence in her - says Spasic.

Cops hardly resist offers owners of such establishments , who willingly engage not only because of the experience in challenging situations , but also because they are counting on them , thus bypassing the regular police raids . However , according to unofficial sources , some cafe owners are forced to hire security from the police , or a group of officers who virtually racketeering .

- Police Department in Novi Sad is certainly knew that their men work as security in these cafes, which is forbidden , but were still allowed for some reason , I guess because this form of additional income not considered a major offense. However, when something like this happens , the problem comes to the surface now and will probably be a little tougher approach to solving it - says Spasic.

He says the problem is not only present in Novi Sad, but throughout the state , and top police does nothing to solve it efficiently.

- It is known that off-duty police officer must not showing his badge , let alone at night carrying a service pistol in the bar where she works as a security guard . However , it is well known that a large number of them that do not comply , or regulation that they are prohibited from engaging in buildings that are under police investigation , or it can be. Unfortunately , the time to turn a blind eye for years , but if you want to avoid some of the above things , the leaders of the MUP must respond to this phenomenon - says Spasic.

N. Perkovic

List Dnevnik - 09.10.2013.

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