And now the groom from the EU , Kacin says he knows that somewhere in the west , there are papers that might reveal political background of the assassination of Zoran Djindjic . So this is how it I openly ask :

1.Zašto has so far remained silent about the evidence , came to Serbia in recent years, a hundred times never once mentioned or shown interest in the political background of the assassination of Zoran Djindjic .

2.Pošto it is an urgent issue whether during his recent visit to Belgrade contacted our Attorney and made ​​him the information .

3.daļa Kacin you know what " political background of a murder" and whether it ever tried to find out what's the political background of dozens of innocent JNA soldiers in his creation of an independent country Slovenije.Valjda wise I think we forget that war crimes .

4.I finally , does our Minister of Foreign Affairs Mrkić to an institution 's declaration of " persona non grata" when a stranger sticking its nose in our internal affairs .

In my time in late eighties we chased out of the country two U.S. senators and a Diogardija Bob Dole because they are crammed nose into our affairs in Kosovo and were chased out of the country who two punks . No one dared to peep out of the U.S. administration because our country was then a sovereign .

Or they can be listed for two to three million Kacin and gives from his own pocket to let us on conducting investigations into our internal affairs . Precisely, it goes too far and we like buffoons to not offend any clerk of the EU are not talking ništa.Rodjena countries open up to fail and go to the PM .

- 19.02.2014.

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