Sarajevo, Bosnia is CASABLANCA roam at least 5,000 secret agents

INTELLIGENCE STORY Bozidar Spasic "black box" of the secret services

No local intelligence system will not reach the standard of SDB, in which I served. In front of us, with the exception of the CIA and KGB, were only Mossad and the Path

Intelligence of world caliber entrusts its performance in respect SDB and what did not - to liquidate Tudjman, because at that moment no one from the top of the SFRY did not approve, they all wanted to disintegration of the country for the sake of their territory

As a former official of the State Security Service for years headed the special team to combat extremist terrorist emigration, and hardly a rival among the most powerful agencies. He took about 90 stocks on all continents which included thousands of nekohko Ustasha Siptar gangs. He was decorated with the service that was parried by the ability, and in some places the forefront strongest.

Then-State Strategy of Yugoslavia was to struggle against terrorism leads in the territory where the terrorists are. The period from 79th to consider the age of the 90 most successful intelligence operations SDB since its inception. During this period, the Yugoslav secret police was at the top of the world's secret police in the fight against terrorism, next to Israel's Mossad. According to the General Plan Spasićevom, Franjo Tudjman was to be removed in Stuttgart, where a group of ideologues tadašnjili Ustasha lecture in a sports hall.

-Everything was ready, and car bombs and people ... However, it is informed that the Tudjman in this skupti speak and members of the Central Croatia and I had no one to get the permission to bring the action. Then I realized that in fact everyone, literally everyone, the Former Yugoslav breakup of the country they want to create their own territory. In Mostar before the war survived the assassination Spasic Ustasha terrorists, a year later organized a campaign against the then Defence Minister of Slovenia, Janez Jansa. - Lzvođenje perfect action prevented a group of former Serbian State Security Service chief, Jovica Stanisic. I was arrested, detained, and subsequently, in the mail, was dismissed from service. However, action against Jansa gave an excellent result, he was forced to resign. That same year he opened Spasic SIA detective agency. At all times until 2000. was in the operative treatment of the same SDB which, he said, was more important than doing what Boza Serbian fall apart. 1997th published an open letter to Milosevic: Kosovo will lose if the government fails to amend the policy of the country, and two years directly domino talked about state terrorism Milosevic's lackey and the likely involvement of these forces in the attack on lbarskoj Highway. He was arrested on the orders of the then Minister Vlajko Stojiljkovic ... After 5 October is dedicated to the work of his agency, until 2007. when he officially retired ... Boza Spasic is considered a black box secret police in the region, because the only dared to speak openly and fairly for their work. Commented on the wave of killings by Serbian streets, publicly criticized the Minister of Internal Affairs of incompetence ... On terrorism as it consulted the most famous American and other analysts. - After the war in this region of Rome, each former republic faced a dilemma: how to acquire security service, intelligence service, when they were integral parts of the SDB. They had a unique network coding spies. In such dilemmas every one his feet as he could. Some have sought the help of foreigners. Croatia has so established service with Germany, gave expert advice, consultancy, ordered the bulk of their spy network among the Ustasha immigration residing in Germany, moved to Croatia and leading positions. Thus in the new service found Ustasha terrorists like Nikola Stedul, a water extremist organizations from Europe say Josip Perkovic, who was at the head of God who was Vukusic '83. Yusuf killed in Stuttgart Tartarus because it is suspected to work for SDB. He was sentenced to life in prison in Germany, came to Croatia and was given the task of digging through the archives of SDB. Slovenes are, however, clear SDB immediately after independence. In Serbia and Montenegro Cmoj nothing has changed, except that the Yugoslav intelligence was committed expelled from the SDB. BiH was specific because the SDB early 90's split into three services. That's why I did and vulnerable security system in BiH, warns Spasic. - I say, not only does every pore services serving politicians from their people, but the service is abused to the point of each other, within it, and the Bosnians, Croats and Serbs spying, eavesdropping, secretly monitored. Thus, no single report that would say, for example, Turkey's intelligence service operating in Bosnia because it blew Bosnians within the service. The same happened with the BIA or Croatian OS. If Casablanca, at least in the movie, was the notion that all and everybody spying for BiH could be said that it is something more. At this point, 'while in a call, "more than five thousand agents of all types Walkabout by BiH and collects even minor details, they are available on the news. But the agent is ... - The land area, especially in Sarajevo, Zenica and other major cities, is very active Turkish intelligence service coordinated by the ICG, and the name of the service is MIT - Milli Istihbarat Koordinasyou Kuril, based in Ankara. He has reliable information that the intelligence services within the centers visited Turkey several hundred activists and members obavještainih services controlled by the Muslim community. We can guess the subject of interest, but the task of the agency is the incorporation of higher values ​​of Turkish society in Bosnia. Their agents are the most ordinary tasks. Specifically, in Sarajevo, almost the same impact on the intelligence situation has Iranian intelligence service, which mainly uses the end orijentisanti Muslim community to collect all kinds of information. And the penetration of the prevailing ideology. Not to mention the interests of America's intelligence system, the English and Germans.

UDBA za ustasku imigraciju UDBA the Ustashe Immigration Udba for 'Ustasha emigration': Predrag Djordjevic, Josip Perkovic, John Lasic, Stanko Colak and Bozidar Spasic (D). According to a source of images she created the 1989th in Belgrade Institute for Security during retirement celebration break Colak. According to the late Pukanic she was taken to the Institute, but the 1986th the retirement Peđe Đordević


Imagine a situation in which U.S. President openly states: Our intelligence is liquidated terrorist Osama Bin Laden ... " And when we had such actions, we are condemned. What killed. Today, it works all the world, and is still praised by presidents.

Who in BiH suprotstavija counterintelligence work? No one! because it applies a double standard, Intelligence: anyone who knows how to gather and sell information that may feel like a fish in water.

BACKGROUND BH. BY agitation 'informer'

Some anti-Communist forces that are now occupied spaces make this a witch hunt to find out who was working for the UDBa, SDB, KOS ... Whether the English or the Americans once hunted and stigmatize people who have worked and helped their services. They are not, nor will it. In our country everyone who has helped with the secret services branded as a man with no morals and honor. That's not true. That's why the disclosure of the list of collaborators SDB, particularly in Bosnia and Kosovo, has a goal: compromise honorable people. No intelligence service in the world that does not, and will not, have your co-workers. Without the staff there is no service!

Sarajevo je Kazablanka

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