With the kidnappers no joke

Owner of a private detective agency and a former employee of the DB Bozidar Spasic told our newspaper that Serbia known for sporadic abductions, that in situations takvlm same rules of conduct and cooperation with hijackers is crucial.

- Basic praviia behavior during abductions that offers no resistance , because no one knows what they're willing to kidnappers . It is advisable to unconditional cooperation with the kidnappers. This implies acceptance of all conditions set by the kidnappers as well as providing tactical response . Family members of the kidnapped are advised to immediately in the safest way possible inform police , not the phone , but going to the police, because the police there are specialized teams dealing with just such cases . The police is important to provide all the information , especially from the phone . Many abductions are in practice solved on the basis of telephone listings and GPRS. An important step is to negotiate with the kidnappers , and ukollko ask for money it is important to give them the amount he promised , but not worth the piece . Therefore, it is best to give some of the money , and ask for additional time until the set of remains . Thus, buying time , and the kidnappers feel safe - Spasic said , adding that nothing can be taken without the supervision of the police .

- 19.02.2014.

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